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California Governor orders citizens to stay at home

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

On Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the state's nearly 40 million residents to stay home to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. The order for Californians to stay home is effective immediately and remains in place "until further notice."

Violating the governor's order will result in a misdemeanor penalty for anyone who violates the restrictions, which include traveling anywhere except for essential purposes such as purchasing groceries, health care, or commuting to jobs deemed essential. Newsom said he believes social pressure will keep people home more effectively than law enforcement.

“There’s a social contract here,” Newsom said. “People, I think, recognize the need to do more and meet his moment.”

The governor said he will release more details on those restrictions in the coming days.

"We're going to keep the grocery stores open," he said. "We're going to make sure that you're getting critical medical supplies. You can still take your kids outside, practicing common sense and social distancing. You can still walk your dog, you can still pick up food at one of our distribution centers, at a restaurant, at a drive-thru — all those things we will still be able to do."

California announced Thursday that the state had 675 positive confirmations of the coronavirus, with 16 people having died from the virus. Testing capabilities remain limited and backlogged, causing some to believe the actual number of infected is much higher.

Other states are also imposing more severe restrictions as fear over the virus spreading grows.

The CDC is urging Americans to avoid eating at restaurants or bars and attending events with more than 10 people for at least the next two weeks. Many states have ordered bans on gatherings of more than a certain capacity and have closed casinos, gyms, and movie theaters while ordering restaurants to transition to take-out only. Schools are closed statewide in 37 states as of this week.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the total confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States has jumped to 14,250, with 205 people having died from the injection and 121 people recovered.

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