• Thomas Parker

Joe Biden sweeps Sanders aside, takes big delegate lead

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden swept every state that voted on Tuesday, likely securing the Democratic Party presidential nomination and the opportunity to compete with President Donald Trump in November.

The coronavirus prohibited some states from holding their primary elections, but Biden dominated Sanders in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona on Tuesday, a result that may pressure Senator Bernie Sanders into dropping out of the race.

Biden crushed Sanders in Florida and Illinois, winning about 60% of the vote in those states. He also is expected to win Arizona by a comfortable 10% margin. Biden's delegate lead of nearly 300 is now likely insurmountable and he will proceed as the presumptive Democratic Party nominee. About 60% of the delegates have been allocated to date in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Biden, who promised he would select a woman as his Vice President during the debate against Sanders on Sunday, used his victory speech to encourage Americans regarding the spread of the coronavirus and only mentioned the race against Sanders in passing.

“I hear you, I know what’s at stake, I know what we have to do,” Biden said. “Our goal as a campaign, and my goal as a candidate, is to unify this party and unify this nation.”

Sanders did not deliver a speech about his dismal primary results and instead called on the government to remedy the economic damage caused by the virus.

“We must make certain that this health and economic crisis is not another moneymaking opportunity for corporate America and for Wall Street,” Sanders said.

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