• Thomas Parker

Trump speaks after acquittal

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

On Thursday, President Trump spoke to the media and Republicans in the East Room of the White House following his acquittal in the Senate.

President Trump insulted his political opponents such as former FBI Director James Comey and Congressman Adam Schiff, calling Comey "a disaster" and Schiff "a failed screenwriter" in remarks that both celebrated his acquittal and lamented a process he characterized as corrupt.

Trump summarized the events beginning from before Mueller investigation until his acquittal as an effort by Democrats to "inflict political pain" on him.

"This is what the end result is," Trump said, holding up a copy of the Washington Post with the headline, "Trump acquitted." He joked that it was the only good headline he's ever had in the Post.

The President also thanked those who supported him through what he described as a "terrible ordeal" for him and his family before launching into more attacks aimed at political opponents.

He ended the speech by suggesting that if the same amount of effort was spent on improving and repairing infrastructure, both political parties working together could accomplish "unbelievable" things.

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